My Favorites

Top ten books of 2018


I managed to exceed my goal of 48 books read in 2018. Here are the list of my favorite books I read last year, in no particular order:

Circe by Madeline Miller
I was drawn to this book because it was a fictional narrative of a peripheral character in Homer’s Odyssey. In this book, Miller tells the story of Circe, who is most known as the witch who turns sailors who wash up on her island shore into pigs. She is seen when Odysseus and his men wash up on her island. However, this books isn’t just focused on that small episode. Rather, it takes us through her whole life, starting with her father, the Titan Sun God, leading to her forced exile to her island, and taking us through the fateful meeting with Odysseus. Miller’s prose is lyrical, and her storytelling is sublime. Anyone who loves Greek mythology, historical fiction, or a book that portrays witchcraft in a unique way would love this book.Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonsson
This novel skirts the line between literary fiction and commercial fiction. Major Pettigrew is a well-respected widower in his little corner of rural England. However, he becomes the subject of scrutiny when he finds himself drawn into friendship with the local Pakistani shopkeeper, Mrs. Ali. His town views him as the local and her as the eternal outsider. This book tells their story beautifully and forces everyone to reconsider the biases we have about each other.