The Hating Game: A Review

The Hating Game

Sally Thorne

Rating: 5 stars

I feel I must begin this review with one fact: I read this entire book in 24 hours. I can’t truthfully tell you the last time I did that. The whole full time mom and wife/full time grad student thing has rather put a damper on any wild-fast reading seshes. But I raced through this one. I couldn’t get enough of it. It was light and fluffy, sure, but so satisfying and delightful.

A brief synopsis: Lucy and Joshua hate each other, but they are forced to share a space every day at work. Their entire work relationship can be summed up in the little games of torturing and manipulation they play with each other, which Lucy dubs the hating games. Things take a turn when they are both up for a new job assignment at their publishing house. Competition seems to bring out a whole new side to their relationship.

This book is perfect one if you want something funny and romantic and will leave you smiling at the end. Lucy was a delightful narrator. She captured my attention immediately. Her perspective on her job and life and the changing situation with Joshua was humorous and diverting. I felt myself invested in not only her changing relationship with Joshua, but also in her life. While this story is a romantic comedy first and foremost, other important storylines and aspects of the characters were not neglected. Joshua’s character proved an equal to Lucy’s dynamic personality. He was intense, emotional, and felt well-rounded. Sometimes the romantic interest in books like this can feel like a caricature of what a dashing young hero should be, but Josh felt thought-out and grounded. His charm, vulnerability, and sexuality shone throughout the book.

It’s a modern comedy of manners with the added bonus of being rather sexy without feeling gross. The plot pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. The only solution for me was to whip through it as quickly as possible. It’s a book I’m so so glad I purchased because it will become one of my favorite standby feel-good books to return to again and again.

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